Building a ‘green’ stadium in Las Vegas


Italian businessman of 31 years Daniele Fortunato with Gaetano Di Renzo, have the idea of developing in Heroes Hill Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, a stadium ‘Green Sport Village’ for 70,000 people, with the intention of the birth of a club male and female soccer to compete in the MLS and nwsl respectively.

The news, advanced by Sky Sports Italia, reveals the intention of Fortunato of a franchise dubbed ‘Heroes’ can be created first amateur level minor league and grows up to the top flight .

Stadium construction would begin in 2017 and in 2018 would already have teams competing in the minor leagues. “Our intention is to bring professional soccer to the city” commented Daniele Fortunato has been able to count on the support of Gaetano Di Renzo, his partner in the project and the study of international consulting leads, the RDA International Study. In addition the company Ste Ksolutions Milan, also in cooperation with energy director of the sports complex, the engineer Elisa Rivieccio, has translated the concept of smart city inside the Sport Village.

In addition to the stadium, the project also includes the development of the area with the construction of ‘green’ hotels and parks around the stadium.